You don’t know who created it. You don’t understand why it has to hurt so much. All you know is – you must walk down this corridor. You must open the door to each room along the way, no matter how painful the experience will be. You must be strong enough to fight till the end, till the point where you lose consciousness. It is only when you reach the final threshold that you will understand – you were battling against yourself. You’ve won. You’ve lived. And you were happy.


Thank you so much for this performance. It brought out the feeling, forgotten a long time ago, lost somewhere out there… in the corridors or my soul. Those are the corridors where one feels naked. So here it is - you stripped me down naked today. I don’t know how else to explain what I feel. I understood each movement, each feeling, breath, jump, each glance. Even their eyes danced! It was not just a story. It was life, which is impossible! For how can one ever show and dance the life the way you did?

Kate Bykova

the viewer

The Story

Is there ever enough courage to walk it all the way through?

He will be born happy and curious. He will look at everything through the prism of his Universe – the Mother. He will hold to that universe tightly, but little does he know – it will be the Mother to destroy it. This will be the very first time for Rage to take over his soul. A force so powerful, it will push Him out into the dark corridor, closing the door to the room of family tightly behind Him.

Whatever life questions are following you, you will find the answers here.

Is there anyone to help deal with the pain and loneliness better than the true Friend? He will become the only person to confide in. To laugh out loud with. To plan and build the future with. What happens, though, if along with dreams and laughs, hopes and secrets the room of Friendship will be a silent witness to the betrayal? A treachery that will explode with the sole desire – of Revenge. That, combined with Rage, will cause cause unfixable damage.

Pain is a powerful force.
The question is – how do you choose to manage it?

Closing the door to the room of Friendship, He will not want to forgive. Not anyone. Not ever. Bathing in fury, He will walk down the corridor further from everything real and true that He had ever known and loved. Whatever leftovers of humaneness are still in His soul, He will destroy them. Enjoying the feeling of impunity, He will reach the point of no return, commit a crime. But it is only when the whole world turns away that He will realize what He had done. And He will hate what had become of Him.

No one is ever ready for such dialogue.
It doesn’t mean that we need to avoid it.

She will be the one to approach Him in His darkness. She will show Him the way to a room, where He will remember how great it feels – to be happy again. She will remain by His side until Her time runs out. And when the love of His life is gone, He will drag Himself into the empty corridor just to realize He had closed every possible door. There is nowhere to go. Thus, He will turn to the Creator. A prayer will lead to redemption, for He will realize – asides from pain, there was love in every room. He will realize He was happy, and a consuming forgiveness will finally enter His heart.


The Son

The main character. Thrilled by the world he is born into, he will soon discover that here happiness walks hand by hand with pain, deceit, loneliness, rage and revenge. His path will therefore turn into a choice – what to be. A person capable of loving and forgiving, or a ruthless Monster destroying everything that is true. Will he always be able to make the right decision?

The Mother

She is someone who has to be Son’s closest person. She will give him life, raise and educate him. She will do her best to be a good Mother, but she will also feel the need to be loved and taken care of herself. Therefore, when she meets a man and falls in love, she will forget about everything and everyone else. This will be the moment when she loses her Son.

The Friend

He will be the shoulder to rely on, and he will support the main character because he knows this is what a man has got to do. With time he will also learn to open up himself, to trust and be a good friend. But the temptation of having what does not belong to him will eventually take over the Friend’s mind, and he will fail the friendship.

The Shaman

The embodiment of fear of being one’s true self, this is the mask, behind which the pain, disappointment, questions and hopes can be conveniently hidden. The mask helps to dissolve in the crowd and to stop wondering about what is right and what is wrong.

The One

She is not afraid of the Monsters that had taken over the Son’s soul because she sees the light in him. She will help him come back to life and his true self, and she will be capable of performing this miracle simply because she loves him.

Director and choreographer of the performance– Yuriy Pristaetskiy.
Script – Tala Pristaetska.
Music – Dulce Pontes.
Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes

Technical requirements spectacle “Corridor”


"I though I’ve seen everything and nothing could surprise me. What I saw on the stage, though, hit me so hard it made me speechless. I was asked: “Did you enjoy it”? I could not find words to answer. They say before you die your life goes before your eyes – I think, this was the feeling…. Thank you!"

Max Usachev,

"I was most impressed by the dance of friends. Thank God, my friend and I never deceived one another. She appeared in my life just in time to teach me kindness. She showed me how to give my all, never expecting anything in return. I think, there is no one else like her in the entire world, and I am happy she called me her friend. A few years ago she moved to another country. It’s all good. She is happy, and so am I, but no one can replace her. She is my soul. Your dance reminded me of the times we were together, the way we supported each other, the way we held on to one another. My heart cried, missing her. How in the world did you manage to bring these feelings?"


"If only this performance reached Broadway, it would be as successful as “The Cats” or “The Westside Story”. The audience was so mesmerized they forgot to breathe, let alone to move."

Denys Belkevych,
art critic